What if you could manage your symptoms of ADHD and realize your potential by having fun?  Imagine having the ability to feel more motivated, attentive, interested, focused, and happy without needing a doctor’s note, a special diet, or weekly therapy.  PlayDHD is about using the most effective non-medication intervention for managing adult ADHD.  Play!  By adopting a more playful mindset people with ADHD the world over can be more productive, have happier relationships, and have more FUN! in their lives.


If a traditional environment is not conducive to activating our ADHD brains and making us feel good, why then as adults do so many of us choose work settings that perpetuate this same problem? We work at 9-to-5 jobs, with short lunch breaks, having to sit at our desks, attend meetings, fill out reports, follow protocol, do things the way everyone else does, and—heaven forbid—maybe even work in a gray cubicle! We don’t take breaks and don’t make time for fun because we have to work longer hours to keep up with our co-workers. We choose to work hard. The consequences for adults who ignore their need for play and do not take into account how their brain functions best can be apparent in failed relationships, difficulty sustaining employment, depression, anxiety, financial problems, substance abuse, and other addictions. What if you choose to do things the way that turns your brain on, rather than trying to just do what seems to work for everyone else? What if you could stand at your desk and dance while you worked instead of sitting on your butt all day? What if rather than being serious and “working hard” you could be more productive by returning to your naturally playful state of being? Do you remember what it felt like to be playful? To enjoy learning? To feel like your brain was turned on, your thinking was clear and focused, and you felt motivated and happy to be productive?


Our society underestimates the importance of play in improving our well-being, Kirsten Milliken in PlayDHD helps to rewrite our cultural norms to create a place for strategic uses of play.   Shawn Achor

NYTimes bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

Brimming with straightforward insight into the connection between Play and ADHD as well as strategies anyone can use to manage daily challenges associated with work, life and love.  Dr  Milliken nailed it providing grounded actionable strategies that you can use today and everyday Dr. Sean Wise, BA LLB MBA PhD

Professor of Entrepreneurship & ADHD Jedi Maste

It is rare to find people who can take something like ADHD, with all its associated implications, and transform it into something like a gift. It is equally rare to find people who understand play so innately – play for it’s own sake, for the fun of it – that they can not only transform our understanding of ADHD, but also help us understand how a simple thing like play can in lead us to something very much like happiness.” Bernie DeKoven

Shaman of Play, author of A Playful Path, Deep Fun

Pressure directs attention to habitual behaviors wired into the automatic brain.  The challenge of ADHD is to engage the executive functioning brain to override the automatic response.  Play removes pressure, it propels learning (organization and sequencing), innovation, and is about using creativity to discover what works.  It’s hands on learning.  If you have ADHD you can’t afford not to PLAY! Hats off to Kirsten who documents the benefits of play and gives you permission.  What are you waiting for? Go Play!

Jeff Copper

ADHD & Attention Coach and Host of Attention Talk Radio, DIG Coaching Practice

Play can be a dirty word in today’s culture of being first, staying productive, and getting serious. It’s hard to feel good about even taking time for yourself, let alone considering play! My colleague, Dr. Kirsten Milliken, gives permission to play and at the same time helps to diminish your ADHD symptoms.

DeShawn Wert

ADHD Coach, Your ADD Answers

Who else but Kirsten Milliken makes the task of ‘creating a spread sheet’ into a fun form of self-expression?  The power of PlayDHD elevates and celebrates play as the best way to learn, succeed, and transform the world. Play makes life fun, engaging and interesting–crucial for those of us with ADHD. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sitting and talking with Kirsten, or, more likely, standing and engaging, and possibly breaking into dance with her, this book will give you a sense of her energy, excitement, and knowledge. You’ll find yourself energized to use the many tools and strategies that she shares. Open the book anywhere and start reading. You’ll be nodding, smiling, perhaps even a bit misty.  The book itself becomes a toy to play with, experiment with, and delve into for ideas. As you start to play, you’ll find that you can approach every aspect of life: work, parenting, and relationships, with the kind of joy, wonder, and curiosity that is the hallmark of true play. And voila! You’ll be living like Kirsten. Rick Green

Creator of ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It! (As seen on PBS) and Founder of, TotallyADD

“Kirsten knows how to have fun–and she knows why having fun is so important. If you have ADHD, it’s too easy to feel like too much of your time is spent on getting things done and then there is no time left for fun. Kirsten has the secret for you–having more fun will actually help you get more done, too. Which then leaves you more time for other fun. Wow, you really need this book!”

Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA

ADHD expert, author, speaker

When I find something as good as this, Kirsten, I have to say thank you. It’s a rare piece of writing

Harry Riley



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