Do you remember what it felt like when your brain was turned on?

Do you remember when your thinking was clear and focused, and you felt motivated, productive and happy?

For adults who have ADHD and do not take into account how their brain functions best, the consequences can be apparent in failed relationships, difficulty sustaining employment, depression, anxiety, financial problems, and addiction.

Research suggests that a deficit of dopamine in the frontal cortex of the brain is one of the primary markers for ADHD.

When someone with ADHD is bored, tired, or simply not interested they have difficulty with focus, attention, motivation, memory and self-regulation.  Being playful causes the brain to get a rush of dopamine.  In this state the person with ADHD is likely to have significant improvements in  attention, motivation, focus, creativity, problem solving and resiliency.

What if you choose to do things in a way that turns your brain on, rather than trying to just do what seems to work for everyone else?

What if rather than being serious and “working hard” you could be more productive by returning to your naturally playful state of being? Do remember what it felt like to play? The sad truth is that most adults don’t because somewhere along the way, we were taught that grown ups shouldn’t play.

I’m here to call BS on that big fat lie. We all need to play everyday!

Life is better when play is part of daily life and I’m on a mission to help everyone re-learn how to play!

What if living with ADHD isn’t about finding the magic pill?

What if you could manage your symptoms of ADHD and realize your potential by having fun?  Imagine having the ability to feel more motivated, attentive, interested, focused, and happy without needing a doctor’s note, a special diet, or weekly therapy.  PlayDHD is about using the most effective non-medication intervention for managing adult ADHD.  Play!  By adopting a more playful mindset people with ADHD the world over can be more productive, have happier relationships, and have more FUN! in their lives. squirrel_chasing_ball


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Meet Dr. Kirsten Milliken

Dr. Kirsten Milliken is a leader in the field of ADHD. For many years her clinical practice has focused on working with kids, teens and adults with learning disabilities, including ADHD. This work led Dr. Milliken to study the connection between ADHD and play and see the positive results clients had when incorporating play into their days. Mood, productivity, relationships and overall life satisfaction improved. She created PLAYDHD to create a specific awareness of the connection between ADHD and the value of Play, in all its forms. PlayDHD is dedicated to the art of using play to activate your ADHD strengths in order to achieve your goals and enjoy life to its fullest!

Dr. Milliken lives with her partner, her two sons and two dogs in Portland, Maine. A dynamic,energetic individual who thrives on diverse experiences, Kirsten worked for several years as a consulting psychologist with the NYPD. In this position she was often thrilled to be “speeding down the West Side Highway with lights and sirens in the middle of the night” to deal with crises. Kirsten took on many roles when she developed and ran a nonprofit, Back on Track, which continues to offer treatment services to juveniles in Maine. While she has held MANY other jobs, she has also maintained a private practice for over a dozen years working with clients who have ADHD and other learning differences. In addition to being an ADHD Coach, Kirsten has been the Co-host of Jeff Copper’s Attention Talk Radio and is the co-owner of PlayDHD, LLC.

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